Author Advertisement Pages Increased

We have expanded the number of pages which will display author advertisements from one to five.

Previously author advertisements were only shown on the final /download page for an addon. Author advertisements will now show on all pages associated with an addon.

Using Reagent Restocker as an example, the following pages will show advertisements for the Google Adsense account associated with the author:


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WoW Public Vent Reaches New Record

Congratulations to our friends at the World of Warcraft Public Vent for reaching a new record for most concurrent connected users, 995.

Follow @WoWPublicVent - win a in game pet

Follow our friends over at @WoWPublicVent on Twitter for a chance to win an in game pet @ 500 followers.

Must be following to win.

Official subreddit /r/wow seemingly shut down for good

It would appear that the official reddit of World of Warcraft has been shut down for good and made private by the head moderator. This action seems to have been taken after 2 days of drama surrounding the head moderators inability to log into the game due to long ques.

Yesterday the subreddit was set to private for a number of hours, then re-opened. Today it seems the moderator has permanently set the subreddit to private leaving the following statement:

The World of Warcraft subreddit is no longer here. Please visit one of the fine new subreddits.

Original Tweet about the closure:


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Site Reskin

We've roled out (yet another) reskin of the site.

This change has been mostly cosmetic with some improvements to some backend code aswell, but should not introduce any issues or bugs. Along with the cosmetic changes, we are experimenting with response ad units from Google, and different ad placements so that advertisements are not over bearing as you browse. Along with the responsive ad units, and modified placements, we've implemented a fully responsive design, so the site should be more accessible on a wider range of devices and screen sizes.

To compliment the responsive design, we have...

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Site Addition: Author Addon Management

I am pleased to announce that we have finished the first stages of our development to allow addon authors to upload, claim, and manage new and existing addons on SolidICE.

While we have a long list of additions and improvements which we are working on implementing, our current system offers the following features:

  • Submit a new addon
  • Claim an existing addon
  • Import an addon directly from curse
  • Upload new versions for your addons
  • Upload and manage images for your addons
  • View detailed download statistics, accurate up to the minute
  • Specific forum for each of your addons
  • Generate revenue...

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